10 January 2010

International wig purchases

I have a favourite brand and style of wig, which I have in 2 different lengths. The brand is New Look and the styles are Alicia (normal length) and Alicia XXL (almost waist length). Every photo of me in a red wig is one of those wigs. They are fairly cheap Chinese made wigs, but the brand is not sold in Australia and doesn't appear to be available directly from China, so has to be sourced from the USA.

I have black and blonde wigs in a different brand which don't frame my face as well and the blonde is the wrong shade, so I decided that I would buy an Alicia in black and another in the whitest blonde available and, if I was happy with them, I'd order both colours in XXL later. The eBay seller that I previously bought from is gone, so I started googling the brand and style.

The whitest blonde available seems to be colour 60, a silver white from the grey range.

Not happy! After looking around at the various sites, I settled on cosworx, who had the best prices by far. They had the Alicia for US$30 against others around $35 to $40, and the XXL for around $48 against others around $58. I got most of the way through ordering them before discovering that they don't ship outside the USA. I don't think that they even ship to Canada!

Maybe I'll have to try my luck with another eBay seller. Hmmm.

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