28 February 2008

It’s a small world

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I use high quality mastectomy breast forms. They're expensive but I figure I'm worth it. :)

I bought my last pair of breast forms about 6 or 7 years ago and they had started to develop small cracks around the edges in the past few months. A few weeks ago, one of them split and started leaking. Eww.

There was nothing to be done but buy a new pair. There were 2 local suppliers that I knew of, so I had a look at the website for one and found exactly what I was after. With some extras included in a package deal, they were $699. Out of curiosity, I rang the other place and was quoted $431 each. That's $862 without any extras!!!

Obviously, I ordered them from first place! When I got an email last Wednesday to say that they had arrived, I arranged to go and pick them up.

I knew was that the woman there was named Tanya, but when I arrived, I looked at her and thought that she looked familiar from somewhere... She thought that I looked familiar, too.

After a little while, we worked out where we knew each other from. It turns out that we had been in the same group of friends for a few years about 20 years ago! Wow. What was supposed to be a half hour shopping trip turned into a 2 hour visit. :)

Ironically, one of my brothers was interested in Tanya all those years ago, and was just about to ask her out when she met the man she's been married to for the past 17 years. This is the same brother who didn't talk to me for about 9 months after learning about my crossdressing.

Tanya said that she wanted me to get a photo of my brother's reaction when I tell him what she does for a living now.

This Tuesday, Tanya came along to our weekly cafe night. It was great! Towards the end of the night, we got a couple of photos of the pair of us. She wants me to email one of them to my brother. I love the idea, except that I'd miss out on seeing his expression. :)

I think I might print the photo out and take it to my niece's birthday party this weekend in case my brother goes too. :)

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