28 May 2015

Optometrist, revisited

I mentioned back in November last year that I went to my optometrist en femme to collect contact lenses, and that the staff behaved as they would have if I had been there in boy mode.

Yesterday, I had to go in for an eye test, which I did in boy mode. One of the staff who was there last time was away on holidays, and another woman who had worked there before was back filling in. That meant that the optometrist and one of the other staff members were the same people as were there in November.

Not a word was said about how I was dressed last year. Nor were remarks made about my nails, as had happened on previous visits. In fact, mirroring their behaviour last year, everything was exactly as before.

I'm not sure but I think that they simply said nothing because they were not sure how to approach the subject and I didn't say anything about it to start a conversation. I don't think that they were actually uncomfortable with it. If they had been, I think that I would have seen subtle changes in their behaviour.