19 August 2012

Sydney 2012 IMATS tag

I'm not sure where this tag started, but I read this series of questions and answers about the 2012 Sydney International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) on Caitlin's blog and originally answered it there, but it appears that that wasn't the right way to do it, so I'm posting it here instead.

This weekend is the time to make the decision on whether you're going or not. On Monday, the online ticket price goes up from $30 for one day to $40, and from $50 for the two days to $65. The prices at the door are $45 and $75 respectively.

I'm about 99% decided that I'll go, and will make my final decision tonight and if the answer is yes, I'll buy my ticket before I go to bed. The only thing that makes me pause is that I got up at 4am last year to get there, and I'm not sure that I want to do that again!

For practical reasons, I don't really want to stay over night in Sydney on Friday night. While I could get up later, I'd still have to get up by about 6am, then do makeup etc in unfamiliar surroundings while mostly asleep.


1. Have you been to IMATS before?  Yes, last year.

2. What day are you going to IMATS in Sydney?  Saturday.

3. Who are you going with?  So far, nobody, but I'm probably going to drive to Wahroonga and catch a north shore train and walk from Town Hall station. It's a big car with plenty of space so if anybody else from Newcastle wants to come with me, let me know!

4. Is there anyone you want to meet at IMATS?  Yes. That will be my main reason for going. :)

5. What makeup brand/exhibit are you most excited to see?  I'm considering doing a Stacey (Stay C on Beauty Heaven) and putting together a large Inglot (magnetic) palette.

6. Do you plan to be there the whole day? Yes.

7. Will you be having Mcdonalds for lunch with Beautybybrittneyx & Shellbarbie? Nope. McDonalds and I don't agree with each other.

8. What days will you be in Sydney? Saturday. Day trip there and back.

9. What do you want to get out of IMATS? Seeing people I already know, meeting people I know online but haven't met yet, checking out the exhibits and buying stuff, all while showing off in a pair of 5" stilettos. ;)