05 July 2010

Just average

June was a disappointing month for me. I worked virtually every day, finishing early only to go out to cafe nights. Because there were 5 Tuesdays, I got out to the local cafe nights 5 times, and once to the Central Coast cafe night.

Sadly, with work being so hectic, I simply didn't get any other opportunities to go out. In a 30 day month, I got out a total of 6 times. That means that I achieved an average of once every 5 days for that month, but I'm still behind for my goal for the year so far.

July is going to be worse. There will only be 5 cafe nights in a 31 day month, so unless I get out at least twice aside from the cafe nights, I'll be further behind by the end of the month. Looking at my work schedule so far, I'll be lucky to get a day off to relax, let alone going out. :(