24 March 2013

Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival

I'm too tired to write much, so here's a photo of the outfit I ended up wearing, which is not the skirt that I mentioned last weekend. I'll explain when I'm awake. :)

Yes, I was squinting. I was standing in the shade but made the mistake of facing towards an area lit by bright sunlight. D'oh.

19 March 2013

Not happy, Google!

Apparently in an effort to force more people to use Google Pus err Plus, they've decided to shut down Google Reader.

As far as I can figure out, that's the blog list displayed on your blogger home page, meaning that it will soon vanish from that page.

I'm not a fan of Google Plus and I have no idea how it is supposed to replace this, so I've moved across to using Bloglovin, which I also know very little about.

The good thing about Bloglovin is that, at least until Google Reader goes away, you can import your blog list so that the feed in Bloglovin is the same as the feed that you had in Google Reader, except that the images appear to be scaled larger.

Click here to find my blog on Bloglovin...

17 March 2013

A long break

I finally went out en femme yesterday to do some shopping. The Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival is next weekend and I still needed to get an outfit together. I've been so busy with work while struggling with depression, sleep and my weight that I've been trying quite literally for months to find the time to do this, but reached the point where I realised that if I didn't get it done this weekend, I simply wouldn't get there!

It's now over 5 months since my last outing en femme. In that time, I've had about 10 infills on my acrylic nails, and kept them painted in a variety of conspicuously bright colours. I've also managed to get back down from 77kg to about 73kg over the past few weeks.

Having finally got myself organised, I headed over to MisKonduct Klothing,where I tried on 3 dresses and a skirt and top combination. The top wasn't quite right but, after going down a size on the skirt, I loved the skirt and petticoat and bought them. While I was at it, I added 2 pairs of pantihose to my vast collection of hosiery. For all of the patterns and styles of tights and pantihose that I had, I didn't have 1950s style seamed plain pantihose. Not being sure which will work best with the outfit, I got nude with black seams and Cuban heels, and nude with nude seams.

After I got home I tried on a few different tops with the skirt and petticoat to find something that will work. The mock wrap top that I chose isn't really "right" for the era but should be okay.

Annoyingly, while I have the top and a pair of shoes that will go with the outfit, the cream lace parasol that I bought last year is entirely the wrong colour for the outfit that I've put together and none of my existing jewellery really works with it either, so over the course of this week I need to try to find a few more suitable accessories as well as finding time to have a few goes at hair and makeup. I'll get my nails done on Wednesday, and the colour for this fortnight will be a simple solid red, which is of course a 1950s colour.

Later, my wife indicated that she didn't want to have to cook, and that she'd like me to go and get Subway for dinner. As usual, a few things needed to be picked up at the supermarket while I was there. I put the outfit I'd worn out earlier back on, brushed my hair and blotted my face and headed back out. Nobody looked twice in the supermarket. The woman who served me at Subway was one who has served me many times before in male mode and didn't even blink at how I was dressed. I'm pretty certain she knew, but said nothing.

As is so often the case, I didn't even think to take photos until after I got home, hours after applying my makeup. It wasn't until later still, when I was about to remove my makeup, that I realised that I'd forgotten to apply white eyeliner to my waterlines, which I usually do.