19 March 2013

Not happy, Google!

Apparently in an effort to force more people to use Google Pus err Plus, they've decided to shut down Google Reader.

As far as I can figure out, that's the blog list displayed on your blogger home page, meaning that it will soon vanish from that page.

I'm not a fan of Google Plus and I have no idea how it is supposed to replace this, so I've moved across to using Bloglovin, which I also know very little about.

The good thing about Bloglovin is that, at least until Google Reader goes away, you can import your blog list so that the feed in Bloglovin is the same as the feed that you had in Google Reader, except that the images appear to be scaled larger.

Click here to find my blog on Bloglovin...


  1. Actually, Alice, Google Reader is not the list of blogs you follow on your dashboard. It is a separate service from google, where you can get a list of all the blogs you follow and also some pages and websites that can be added to it. You can see it by clicking the "View In Google Reader" on the top right hand corner of the dashboard.
    This is google reader http://www.google.com/reader/view/ (have to log into your google account to see all that is on your reading list). This won't be there from July 1 but the list of blogs you follow on the blogger dashboard will still be there, thankfully!

    1. LOL. In that case, the whole drama is a non-event for me. I don't think I'd ever used Google Reader before. I opened it up and it doesn't look familiar. :)

      I still don't know how they expect Google Plus to replace it, though. Then again, I've found Plus so annoying and counter intuitive that I rarely even look at it.