19 February 2009

Facebook friend invites - episode 2

I finally sent a facebook friend request to my father-in-law. Now that might not sound like a big deal, but when you're a crossdresser and you're not sure if your inlaws know that or not, and you send the request from a female profile on facebook, which has a corresponding crossdressed avatar photo and he accepts the friend request without comment, it makes things interesting. I still don't know if he knows but I suspect that he might. :)

15 February 2009

Facebook friend invites

Well, I finally did it.

I sent facebook friend requests to some of my wife's relatives and one of her friends. So far, no reaction. Of the 4 invites I sent, I'm certain that 2 of them have logged into facebook and done other stuff since, but I've had no reaction. Not even a message saying "who are you?"

I guess I'll just have to wait a while and see if anything happens. After being so nervous about sending them, it seems like a bit of an anti-climax getting no response at all!

Maybe I should send a request to my father-in-law too. LOL.

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