20 November 2017

TBN China Red redux

Almost two years ago, I grabbed several bottles of the then-discontinued nail polish TBN China Red, which I've been using almost all of the time for years.

After trying to transfer the dregs from one bottle into another to get enough in a bottle to get my nails done last week, I googled the colour wondering if I might be able to find some more old stock...

Imagine my surprise when I found that it's a current colour again!

On Thursday night, I went to a chemist in Charlestown Square that carries the brand, and got one bottle that looks exactly the same as the ones from before, for just $2.95. There was another bottle labelled something like "new French formula", which I didn't buy.

I figure that I'll have a look around a few of the other chemists that carry the brand if I happen to be nearby, and stock up in case it is discontinued again.

19 November 2017

Two years on

The second anniversary of the last time I went out en femme slipped by quietly a few days ago. That means that the third anniversary of the second last time I went out went by a few days earlier.

Having recently set a new all-time maximum weight of 103.5kg, I have discovered that I'm having trouble with what I assume is fat at the top of my abdomen pressing upwards against my sternum and ribs, causing some pain and shortness of breath. Clearly, I have to start losing some of the 30kg that I've gained over the past six years!

I'm now trying to work out how to rearrange my life to get back on track, without a lot of success.