10 May 2010

More out than I know?

Woo Hoo. Another blog post less than a day after the last. :)

A couple of interesting things happened last night, which make me wonder about how people perceive me in boy mode.

Yesterday, I had some private messages back and forth with a woman I met last year through work. She informed me that she guessed back then, based upon certain details of my appearance, that I was a crossdresser. She didn't say anything at the time, or indeed since, until I sent her a friend request on Facebook from my femme profile.

The other interesting thing happened when I went to put fuel in the car last night. When I went to pay, the female console operator commented something like "I wish I could grow nails like that. Mine are crap." It wasn't the first time I've had someone comment about my nails when I was in boy mode, but I think that it was the first time I've had a comment from someone who didn't already know me.

It's got me thinking about just how obvious it is to people who see me in boy mode, that I'm a CD. Do I care, and do I want to make changes to make it less obvious? I'm still thinking about that.

Given that my receded hairline means that I always wear a wig when en femme, I'm wondering if I'm being silly letting my hair grow long. After all, the longer my hair, the harder it is to hide under a wig. I'm wondering if I should cut my hair shorter, or make an effort to try one of the topical applications that are supposed to re-grow hair so that I can go without a wig.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm wondering if what I want to do is make changes that might make it more obvious, like going back to having my lashes tinted? :)

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