09 May 2010

Three times in four days

Yes, I've done it again. I've been so busy that I've missed out on blogging things as they happen and now have to go back and try to cover a few weeks in a catch-up post.

I've now worn the black and white long sleeved dress that I mentioned in my last post. It's nice and warm and fits beautifully. Sadly, it didn't fit my wife, so that's one that we won't be sharing.

I finally decided to make an effort to get some weight off. The best way I can find to do that is to walk for about an hour every day. With how much I have to cram into my days, I decided I'd try to do it at night instead. Great theory. I managed to walk a few nights, missing Tuesday nights when I went out for dinner. Work got the better of me, and it all fell apart. I'm going to keep trying, because I know that it's the only way I've ever managed to lose a reasonable amount of weight.

I've managed to pick up another nice wrap dress and a brown cord jacket in the past few weeks. The dress is a Tightrope brand, similar to two other dresses that I have that I really like.

Last Sunday was interesting. My friend Christina suggested a few weeks ago that we might go to the Maitland markets, and last Sunday was the day. I got up at 6:30am, which is very unusual for me, particularly on a Sunday. Up at 6:30, out of the house en femme around 9:15. Christina drove us to Maitland, where we spent a few hours walking around the markets, then drove to Morpeth for morning tea.

Tuesday night, I went to the Newcastle cafe night as usual, and wore the dress that I picked up the week before.

Wednesday night was the first cafe night at Norah Head, on the Central Coast. Christina came to my place and I drove us there and back. It was a great night, and it was hopefully the first of many, as it is planned to be a monthly event.

So, between Sunday and Wednesday, I went out en femme 3 times in 4 days. That's certainly helped my average, but it's still well below my target of once every 5 days.

While out shopping with the family on Thursday night, I decided to put a $20 Tree of Life voucher I'd won towards buying a smaller silver pendant than the rose that I often wear. After looking at a couple, I chose one that was $35. There was a 20% off sale, so it cost me just $8! I plan to wear that sometime very soon. :)


  1. Wow, Alice, fantastic picture! I like that you set a goal for going out. I think that's a fairly novel approach.

    You are one the folks still shut out of my now private blog. Long story short, Mrs. L found my blog, and things got unpleasant. If you have an interest in being included, you'll need to drop me a line so I'll have an email address to send you an invite.

    Keep rockin' those heels, babe!

  2. Hi Alice Jane sounds like you live a fairly full life I was wondering with you living in Sydney I would of thought that people there would be fairly acceptable to you there when you go out dressed .I myself spent a number of years living in Sydney and I got to make a few good friends with the trans gender people who were living there and a part from the odd comment from bogons in the western suburbs every body else was fairly acceptable and this was back in the early 90's

  3. Drew, I don't live in Sydney. I live in Newcastle. Not really all that far away, but a more relaxed place and I believe it's generally more accepting than Sydney.

    Over the past few years, I've come to realise that acceptance is the norm, and that fear of rejection is mostly irrational. Most people are either accepting or not interested enough to even notice that a person is transgender. Very few will go out of their way to be negative, and when they do, it's usually quite easy to ignore them.