24 July 2011

Christmas in July

Have you ever tried to get an extended family group together at Christmas? Some of my relatives, and some of my wife's relatives try it every year. There are always people who can't make it, so last Christmas, someone suggested organising a Christmas in July get-together. This was for the same family group as we spent the evening with last Christmas, but with a different combination of people absent.

I gave some serious consideration to going to this event en femme, but knew that there was a lot of potential for problems if I did, so I compromised and went with a fairly subtle combination of jeans with yellow and orange tops and shoes chosen to complement my gold nail polish. As with Christmas, nobody said anything. Pretty much what I expected.

I've just about decided that I'll leave the gold polish on my nails until at least Tuesday for the cafe night. :)


  1. Wow, your nails seem to have grown a few cms since the last time I saw :)
    Very pretty colour!

  2. They were actually longer, and have been shortened back to about the same as when we went to the EL store. I think that the colour emphasises the length. Not sure if I'll go through with leaving this colour on at work. :)