16 July 2011

frequent wiglessness

I forgot to mention in my last post that, following on from the outings on the Central Coast and in Sydney early last month, I wore my blonde wig for both of the outings closer to home, then, after missing out on a week, I decided to challenge myself and go out to a Newcastle cafe night sans wig.

I'm honestly not sure whether that's a bigger deal than using a lift in a shopping centre or catching a train to Sydney and back, but I know that until recently, I've always feared recognition. It wasn't until I was typing this blog post that I realised that the reason why going out locally in girl mode wigless doesn't bother me as much as it used to is that I no longer fear that recognition anywhere nearly as much as I used to.

Plenty of people (including quite a few work clients) know that I am a crossdresser even if they've never said anything or even seen photos. With my long nails, long hair with fringe, shaped brows, pierced ears and general lack of facial and body hair, I look somewhat feminine even as a guy. Even though few people comment, I'm fairly confident that a lot of people guess from just my nails.

After that one local cafe night outing, the obvious question was why would I bother with a wig unless I wanted to change my colouring. And so it was that the two outings so far this month have also been wigless. I expect that I'll probably go wigless again this Tuesday night, but I'm unsure whether I want to go wigless to my nail appointment that is so close to home. Then again, I might not even get there en femme. I'll have to make a decision before Wednesday.


  1. You look very nice in this photo. It would be wonderful not to bother with a wig, especially if my hair looked half as good as yours does here. Very cute outfit, too!

  2. Hi Alice,

    First of all let me say that you look gorgeous. I love your taste and style.

    I'm actually a bit curious if guys with hairless body are uncommon in Australia. I am in Sydney and it seems that many boys and men are removing their body hair. I can say that because I can see them at the beaches and in a gym. I am epilating my whole body and I don't think it looks strange. Maybe I am wrong or the things are different in Newcastle )

  3. Lack of body hair is a lot more common now than even a couple of years ago. I think that there are many reasons for that, and not just transgender people becoming more adventurous.

    Body building competitors have routinely removed hair for decades. There has also been an increase in mainstream acceptance of tattooing, and tattoos always look better without hair covering them.

    I've also noticed a change in women's attitudes towards body hair on men. Some like their men hairy, some hate body hair. I think that in younger generations, the ratio is more in favour of a preference for no body hair.

    There's also the comfort aspect. Hair can itch and scratch, so once someone has experienced hairlessness and realises how much more comfortable it is, I think that they would have to be far more likely to remove it again.