26 June 2008

Is the world full of creeps?

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A few days ago, I found out that, last weekend, a friend of mine was drugged and raped by a guy she knows. I've seen the guy before and I've always agreed that he's creepy.

Imagine, then, going out for dinner with friends on Tuesday night, only to have another creep who was sort-of known to one of the girls (but certainly not liked) show up uninvited and attempt to proposition each girl. YUCK!

He didn't try to proposition me while we were in the restaraunt, and he saw and commented about my wedding ring. When we left, I thought that he had already left and pretty much forgot about him. One of the other girls, Linda, had parked her car on one side of the street and I had parked a little further along the other side. We walked along opposite sides of the street until she got to her car, then I continued to mine.

Just before I reached my car, I realised that a car had started near where Linda was parked and was driving towards me. I thought that it was Linda just making sure that I got to my car okay or coming to say something to me. It wasn't.

The creep drove up and said something about wanting to talk to me. I looked around and realised that he had waited until Linda had done a u-turn and driven away before he had driven towards me. I was alone. Very alone. And scared shitless!

While he was parking his car a few spaces away, I got to my car, unlocked it, fumbled for several terrifying seconds with the frog fastener on my cape, got it off, rolled it up and threw it on the back seat, got in the car and locked the doors. I always wear flat shoes to drive, but was wearing 4" heels, so I quickly changed shoes and got ready to go.

By the time I was ready to start the car, the creep was at my car tapping on the window and saying that he wanted to talk to me. Several times, I said "I've got to go!" but I wasn't going to lower that window, so I just started the car and drove away.

I was shaking all the way home and for at least an hour after I got home.

After a few hours, fear was replaced by anger. How dare this creep scare the shit out of me? I guess from now on I won't leave the can of body spray at home. I might need it to defend myself!

What is with these people? Is the world full of creeps?

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  1. OMG!...that is just terrible, yes I'm afraid there are some creepy insane people around in the world. I'm just so thankful it's never happened to me...then again I do have one mad Ned Kelly look alike with me when ever I go out at night..LOL

    Oh I wear flats to when driving, yes it's so much easier for a fast getaway!...I agree keep that can of hairspray and lighter handy!