02 March 2009

I've been tagged

It seems that my dear friend GlossQueen as decided to tag me. Ouch. :p What I have to do is post the third photo in the third folder on my computer, and write about it, so here goes...

Early in 2008, I started going out for dinner fairly regularly with a few other transgender girls. This photo is a group photo from the second time I went out. With me were Linda Karen (aka LK), Pip and Amy Hayes.

These weekly restaurant nights have really helped me and many several other girls come out of our shells (and closets) and be more comfortable in public. The idea originally started in Brisbane, and LK and Pip decided to do the same in Newcastle. I'm really proud that I've become a reasonably regular part of this, and also that it allowed me to spend time with Pip, whose health has sadly declined since this photo was taken. I'm also missing Amy, who hasn't made the trip up from Sydney for quite a while now (hint, hint :p).

While tranny chasers are not welcome (I've blogged before about when one turned up), pretty much anybody else who feels like dining with a bunch of trannies is welcome to come along. :)


  1. Great photo Alice. Excuse my ignorance, but what's a tranny chaser? Is it what I think it is?

  2. A tranny chaser is someone who actively seeks transgender women (someone born male but who presents as female) who retain male genitals or transgender men (born female but presents as male) who retain female genitals. A lot are very creepy. Some are dangerous.

  3. Wow, they sound scary, I hope you don't encounter many of them!