07 March 2010

Plodding along

As often happens, I intend to blog more frequently but end up not having time to do so, just as I often don't have time available to spend en femme. The past couple of months have certainly not been an exception.

Back in January, I mentioned that I planned to go out on Tuesday, 12th January. I did so, and have been to the cafe every Tuesday night so far this year. On one night, a GG (genetic girl) friend of over 30 years came along. As well as some occasional visits from girls from the Central Coast and Sydney, we've also had at least 4 new girls that I can think of including a visitor from Chicago, USA. On one occasion, the trannys were outnumbered 3 to 5 by GGs!

I also got out again to do some shopping on 15th January. Sadly, my holidays finished and I returned to work on Monday 18th January. That put paid to having time to go out en femme on other week days, and has so far also meant so much paperwork that I haven't had time at weekends either.

My goal to get out on average at least once every 5 days isn't looking like being met at this point. If I get to every cafe night, that'll guarantee an average of once every 7 days but other outings are looking like being few and far between. Today is the 66th day of the year and I've been out 11 times so far this year, so my average is now down to once every 6 days.

As the weather cools down, I'm hoping to get to a few belly dancing classes en femme. Sadly, I expect that work will get in the way of that plan as did has many times last year.

I'm also interested in going to a weekend event called Transformal, which will be held in Katoomba in May. Interestingly, this seems to be generating a lot of interest from GGs. Our dance teacher is interested, as are Tanya's friends who came along to the cafe a few weeks ago. The things holding me back are the fact that my wife doesn't seem interested and that I have no idea what we'd do with our son if we did go. Since he was born, the longest that my wife and I have had together without him has been one day and night, which has happened twice during school holidays, when my inlaws have had him stay with them overnight and took him sightseeing during the day. Those have both been Tuesday nights, thus allowing my wife to go to cafe with me. I have no idea whether that was done on purpose but my inlaws have never openly discussed my crossdressing and I rather doubt that they'd take our son from Friday afternoon after school until sometime Sunday evening so that we could go to a crossdressing event...

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