11 September 2010

Travelling with family

In a few weeks, I will be taking my wife and son to Canberra for a few days to allow my wife to compete in sport. While there, we'll meet up with my wife's parents who, as I've noted before, I'm certain know about me but have never said anything. My role is primarily as chauffeur for the trip there and back and child minder for my son for most of the time while my wife and her parents are busy competing. On other occasions when my wife and son have travelled with her parents, I have stayed home and they've kept him occupied without me so realistically, the only part of the trip that I'm really required for is the driving, because my wife will not drive through road debacle that is Sydney. Her parents are going to be there for several days longer than we will, meaning that travelling with them isn't an option.

I'm not aware of there being any specific events that would be suitable opportunities for me to go out en femme, but I'd like to get out while I'm there. I've come to realise that I've been thinking the same thing year after year. We'll go away somewhere so that my wife can compete, and I'll wish that I could go out en femme but not really have any idea about what I'd do or where I'd go while I was there. The result is that all my femme stuff stays home while I spend the entire time away in boy mode. Sadly, at this point I expect that to be the case for this trip, too.

The only time I've ever been even close to crossdressed in Canberra was going to a Seahorse NSW meeting in Sydney years ago, cleaning off most of my makeup and changing before leaving the meeting, stashing my clothes and wig in the car for the duration, and having a shower in Canberra upon arrival (at about 2am) to remove the last traces of perfume and makeup.

I'm still considering my options, but suspect that when the time comes, I'll leave all my femme stuff at home and spend the time twiddling my thumbs in Canberra. Given that we're supposed to be travelling home on a Tuesday, I hope that I'll be home early enough and feeling well enough to make it to the regular Newcastle cafe night.


  1. Dear Alice,

    As you have mentioned, you are certain your wife's parents know about you but have never said anything, what do you think their honest reaction would be if you fronted in Canberra with your wife and child en femme?

    As your wife and child have obviously accepted you for who you are, my question is, is it really that important what anyone else thinks?

    I say just go ahead and do it! Let the people who have an issue deal with it them self because really it is their issue, not yours. Be who you really want to be and bugger what anyone else thinks, after all it is your life, be comfortable with it!

    Much Love

    Ros B xxx

  2. You know, it's funny. I honestly don't know how they would react if I showed up en femme.

    If I did decide to spend time en femme while in Canberra, it's most likely that I'd travel in boy mode and do girl mode from first thing in the morning on one or more days while there. Inevitably, there'll be a dinner that I'll be expected to attend, and probably a visit to (or outing with) other relatives on one of the other evenings, so I might end up spending most of a day en femme then changing back into a frog for the evening. :p