29 November 2010


After the negativity that I experienced on Saturday morning, I was surprised to realise that I was quite happy by the end of the weekend. I received a great deal of support on facebook and on the forums where the negativity occurred, not only from friends but also from some people who I barely know but who look like becoming genuine friends. The number of affirmations of my character, my parenting and my right to be who I am has been overwhelming. To all of those who supported me, whether you commented or not, I sincerely thank you.

I made a comment on Saturday that I've come to realise isn't really true. I said that I wasn't hurt by the comments aimed at me. I think that for more than a day, I was telling myself that I wasn't hurt by it, but I eventually realised that I was. Hurt not so much personally but by the fact that people can be so spiteful, hurtful and negative towards someone that they don't even know, on the basis of a personal or institutional bias.

By the time that I realised that I was hurt by what had been written, I had already been overwhelmed by the positive comments from so many people that I realised that, in the whole situation, I have come out ahead. I have had considerable support from a number of people far outweighs the negativity of one twisted person. I have gained friends for being honest and I have a few more people following my blog including at least one who had never heard about crossdressing from the crossdresser's point of view before. I'm happy to know that I am educating people about transgender issues, and hopefully increasing the level of acceptance within the community.


  1. words hurt, no doubt about it, but we're here to cheer you up online and hopefully those around and close to you are there to support you through times of needs as well :)

  2. Thanks lilpil. I try to help others where I can, and it's great that others do that too.

    I like the "paying it forward" concept of not expecting to be repaid for your good deeds, but that the recipients of those good deeds will do good deeds for others and so on. I really didn't expect the level of support that I received!

  3. Hi Alice Jane,
    I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post this for you but I am deeply sorry for the negative comments directed at you last week. They were hurtful and uncalled for and I only hope that you have read my posts on the other website that you frequent too explaining the situation. I can only say that the comments did not come from me as I only hold admiration for you and think that you are a very beautiful and brave person and the situation is being dealt with and treated very seriously from my end, namely one horrid nasty stepson who holds much contempt for me. He had no right to take his anger out on you along with others that were also caught up in the middle of things. I hope that you will take this as my personal apology and I would love to follow your blog if you dont mind but if you would rather me not then I can truly understand. I wish you, your wife and your son a wonderful Christmas and hope that we can catch up soon.
    Kindest regards