02 June 2011

More wiglessness

I finally had another go at using my hair straightener yesterday. I straightened my hair before 2pm, wrote yesterday's blog post, did my nails, did my makeup, etc before heading out for dinner. I don't think that I did that good a job with the straightener, but it was mostly okay. I'm sure that it will improve with practice! Sadly, by the time I left home, my hair was well on the way to frizzing again due to the humidity. :(

Regardless, I brushed my hair to give me a centre part and a fringe, similar to my wigs, and went out wigless for only the second time. Unlike last time, I was far more comfortable with how my hair framed my face, although I did find that the top was a bit flat and the back of my hair tended to annoy me a bit. In spite of using a heat protection spray, it felt a bit dry and straw-like from straightening (a lot like how some of my older wigs feel), and then as it frizzed, it became more bulky, and that's when it became annoying.

In spite of the fact that my wigless appearance is a lot like my male appearance because I have the same fringe both ways, I'm a lot more comfortable going wigless after last night than I was after the first time. In fact, I'm seriously considering going wigless for my trip to Sydney on Saturday. If it's cold, I might even break out the beanie with pom-pom on top that causes my wife to crack up every time I wear it. :)


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous wig-less! speaking for myself, you will feel more comfy in your own hair. Kudos to you!

  2. Alice you always look stunning! Oooh I would just die for your legs :-)
    Can't wait to see a pic of that gorgeous pom-pom beanie! heheh xox

  3. I didn't post on your first wigless article but I thought your hair looked great on both of these outings. I think I was expecting short man hair under your wig or gross long hair! I wasn't expecting such beautifully looked after hair! I do have a question for you that I hope you don't mind me asking. How do you wear your hair as a male. You mentioned that your female wigless and male appearances are similar. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have gathered from some of your posts that there are some people that you don't want to see you dressed as a female so how do you make your hair look masculine?

  4. Jo, I haven't dug the beanie out yet. My mother knitted it for boy me many years ago. :)

    Sarah, plenty of guys have pony tails. Some even plait them. Need I say more? :)