17 September 2011


Yes, I know that it's almost a fortnight since my last post. Work is very hectic at the moment, and doesn't look like letting up until the end of the month. After that, I'm almost certain to refuse to sign a new contract with substantially worse terms and conditions and much higher costs, and in doing so, walk away from virtually all of my current work.

I may get to take some forced holidays while I look for other work. Holidays will probably mean a bit more time en femme, but very little money to spend.

On a brighter note, this week I achieved one of the goals that I set myself at the beginning of the year. I wore something with a halter neck for the first time ever, to Tuesday's cafe night. What's more, it wasn't a wide banded halter neck but a thin strapped dress that I bought at an op shop a few weeks ago. I finally wore one of the convertible bras that I bought last year, with a clear plastic strap that was barely noticeable with the dress. Before I put the dress on, the plastic strap kept on wanting to roll over up my neck, but the straps of the dress seemed to keep it flat and, aside from the halter straps being quite an unfamiliar feeling, it was quite comfortable to wear and I didn't experience any wardrobe malfunctions. :p


  1. Very nice dress! You look great.

    And congratulations on avoiding wardrobe malfunctions.

  2. You look great Hugs,

  3. I envy you wearing your halter dress! I can't wear them any more, I have a scar.