16 October 2011

Another halter, another interesting conversation

On Tuesday, I wore a halter top that I've had for at least a year. I think that I bought it just after I got bras that I could wear halter. Like the halter dress I wore a few weeks ago, I found it a little unfamiliar and experienced irritation around the neck strap. I'm hoping that this will all settle down as I wear halter tops more often.

Like last week, Linda somehow managed to convinced another patron to join our table. This time, the conversation ranged from her birth during The Blitz in London to how a technical illustrator has to be able to convert an engineer's sketch on a serviette into something meaningful. As an engineer, I could so relate to that. ;)

Norma came along in girl mode this week, too. :)


  1. Good for you! Sounds like the table was in good spirits.

  2. i looove your hair in this photo paired with the halter it looks great as you have the shoulders to wear it. nice halter tops are hard to find. in the last year i haven't found any in cotton only rayon. which is to warm for summer.