05 January 2012

Nail anniversary

Today is an interesting anniversary for me. It was 12 months ago today that I first got all of my nails done in acrylic and gel. Aside from a couple of days in June, I've had colour on my nails for all of that year. I started with neutral colours close to the colour of the skin under my nails and worked my way up to more obvious colours.

Sadly, with ongoing stress, depression and exhaustion problems, I haven't been out en femme since my last blog post, when I had my nails done for Christmas, including missing another 3 cafe nights.

After Christmas, I got busy with several days of gardening that I had been putting off for too long. I broke one nail on the first day, so I went and got it fixed on Friday. The next day, I broke another one. This time, I decided to clean it up, trim the natural nail back and just keep working. By yesterday, I'd not only had enough of gardening for a while but I was getting tired of having a mismatched broken nail so I brought my next appointment forward to today.

I celebrated the anniversary by getting my nails re-done this morning. :)

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