01 July 2012

Getting organised

As I said I was planning to do, yesterday I went shopping (in boy mode, sadly) and bought myself a wheeled pilot's case and a spare battery for my camera.

I looked at several styles of wheeled case, and ended up choosing this one because of all that I looked at, this one had the largest single inner compartment, a sturdy retractable handle and a convenient centre handle. Most of the others were divided into lots of small compartments, had flimsy retractable handles that didn't move easily up or down and centre handles that retracted flat. I could just imagine snapping a nail or two while trying to get the retractable handle down then grab the centre handle while in a hurry to get on or off a train, but the handles on this one behave well.

It's black, and it's only vinyl. I'll see how it goes and if it disintegrates, I'll trade up to leather, hopefully brown.

I expect that this one will get it's first femme outing at IMATS, but there's no guarantee of that. Something else might come up between now and then.

With the size that this is, it should be easy to put a pair of shoes in it along with a jacket or even my cape, and still have plenty of space left to stash shopping. :)

Come to think of it, without the need to fit a wig in my luggage, I think that this would go close to fitting everything that I'd need to change from male to female, including an outfit or two, underwear, breast forms, makeup, hair straightener, etc. Not that I'm likely to need that any time soon ~ I generally get ready at home and go out in one mode or the other and stay that way until I get back home.

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