28 October 2012

As I said a few months ago...

I finally did something that I said in a blog post a while ago that I was planning to do.

I paid someone to come in and mow our overgrown yard, and arranged for them to come back fortnightly to maintain it and progressively tidy up the details that haven't been done yet. The idea is to reduce the list of things that I personally need to do.

No big deal, huh? That's what I thought until I realised that the blog post where I said that I was planning on doing that was from January last year!

As a side effect of that, I was able to stand in our back yard yesterday to take a few photos of my costume, including this one. A week ago, I would have been waist deep (or worse) in weeds!

Something else that I said I was going to do a few months ago was the whole pregnant Tinkerbell or Disney princess Halloween costume, which ended up simplified back to just doing a reasonably straight Tinkerbell (albeit in 6" stilettos).

As a result of a post on my boy Facebook profile and a few comments that arose from that, I am now led to believe that someone that I would not have expected has been reading my recent blog posts.

I won't say who it is, because I have absolutely no desire to embarrass them, but it is someone who initially freaked out when they first learned about me but has since overcome some of that. I'm very happy to know that I no longer freak them out, and I want them to know that they're welcome to add me on Facebook at any time if they want to. :)


  1. Yep, busted. Less freaked out, but still not entirely comfortable. No I won't, as someone who freaked out more will be even more freaked out about that, but I suppose there is a block feature. And one day I may just come to you for some make up tips. :P

    1. Indeed. If I was to block the other freaked out person, you could add me and they wouldn't see me at all. The only problem would be if they either had access to a computer or phone that was logged into facebook using your profile, or if they were looking over your shoulder...

      Yes, if you need makeup tips, just ask. :)

      It's a shame that that other person is freaked out by me, and I'm guessing that there's not much that can be done about that. Mind you, if you think that they're freaked out by me, imagine how freaked out that person's mother would be. :P

  2. Good for you, Alice! I'm so glad they've overcome their fear of freaking out over seeing you dressed as a female! You look very lovely.