11 August 2013

Antipodean Beauties: My Favourite Lipstick

I wasn't sure if I'd get to do this, but today is the last day and I've decided to ignore the paperwork that has to be done before 11pm tonight (!) and do this first. :-)

As I mentioned a few days ago, this is part of a makeup challenge. It was started by Omega, from Fashion Adjacent, who I chatted with briefly at IMATS last year after she complimented me on my shoes. It's a small world!

Anyway, moving right along, the first theme is My favourite lipstick. For me, the choice of type of lipstick was easy, but I had to stop and think about my favourite colour.

Over the years, I've tried all sorts of lipsticks. I found very early on that I prefer long lasting lipsticks, because the need to add moisturiser over colour occasionally is far less of an inconvenience to me than having to re-apply colour every few hours. The best long lasting lipsticks that I've found are the Procter & Gamble twins, Max Factor LipFinity and Covergirl Outlast. Surprisingly, in spite of considerable difference in retail price, these are actually just different shades of the same product in similar but different packaging.

When I thought about my favourite colour, I first thought of the several brown and orange shades that I wear with most of my normal clothes, then realised that no, none of them are my favourite. Without a doubt, my favourite is a colour that is part of the whole Retro 1950s style that I love to wear, but wear far too rarely.

So the answer is, Covergirl Lipfinity in 507, ever red-dy.

Here's the blog hop to the other bloggers who took part in this week's challenge (note that you need Javascript enabled for this to work).


  1. So glad you are doing this Alice, I wish I had time to get involved but it's not going to happen atm. I've tried the Covergirl Outlast, but not the other two, which would you say is the most nourishing out of the three, as I found the Covergirl quite drying on my lips, although from what I've heard that is the price we pay for long lasting colour..... I would love to see a long lasting moisturising lipstick, that would be ideal <3

  2. The other two? I think that you might have misunderstood me. Procter & Gamble is a large pharmaceutical company who own brands including Max Factor and Covergirl. LipFinity and Outlast are different shades of the same stuff, in different packaging. I'm pretty sure that they are made on the same production lines!

    The key to these is to use the moisturiser/topcoat before your lips feel dry. If applying it from time to time becomes habit, you don't end up with dry lips. :-)

  3. Ahh I totally understand, was thinking that Procter & Gamble must have their own name brand that I didn't know about yet, lol. But yes that's right, have heard that plenty of Max Factor and Covergirl products are very much alike... Thanks for the tip, will remember to apply the clear coat first and then re-apply when needed :-) Now if only they would make one in my preferred shade (a blue based light pink) then I would have it made ;-)

  4. That colour looks great on you, Alice :) I like the idea of a longlasting liquid lipstick with a balm - no dryness :) x