27 September 2013

No Tinkerbell this year

This morning, I looked at my diary and realised that I have a nail appointment on Wednesday 16th October, ahead of the Lindy Charm School on Sunday 20th. The obvious thing to do is to get my nails done red.

A conundrum arose, in that I planned to go to Halloween in Cardiff on Saturday 26th in essentially the same outfit as last year, including having my nails done in the same glitter green polish. That would be in the same fortnight between nail appointments as the LCS. Okay, so I'd have to change the polish myself between appointments.

Except that I was also considering going to Chromefest on Sunday 27th, and that would definitely be a 1950s outfit event, for which I'd want my nails red again.

So I began considering options such as applying Magic Tape (special sticky tape that is designed to be removed without damaging whatever is underneath it) to my nails, and painting it green so that it could be peeled off to reveal the red for the Sunday.

So far, so good.

Then the wheels fell off.

It doesn't appear that I'll be doing Halloween or Chromefest this year.

Instead, I'll be helping my wife's relatives who will be moving house that weekend ~ into the house that we're buying to rent to them!


  1. It's too bad you'll not be going to Halloween or Chromefest and I understand, money does have a way of talking! I wish you all the best, Alice!

  2. It's not about money. It's about putting the needs of others before yourself. If it was about money, we wouldn't be buying to rent to a relative. Renting to someone else would be more profitable and less work!

  3. I always see putting the needs of others before myself as good, I do that! Right you are, and you say it best, renting to a relative as opposed to someone else means less profit but potentially more work. I've done that, too!

  4. It means a little extra work in the short term but should translate to less work later, and a lot less risk of the tenants trashing the place. :-)