05 March 2014


"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"
Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar - Carry On Cleo (1964)

No, actually it's nothing like that. :-)

I went to get my waist-down waxing done today, as I do about every 6 weeks.

Chrissy, who does my waxing most of that time, told me a funny little story.

It seems that she and a female friend were at a bar, and her friend was chatting with 2 guys that she knew but Chrissy didn't. She wasn't paying much attention until the guys started talking about something unusual that they'd seen. This engineer came to their place to inspect a job, and he had long, bright red nails...

When one of them mentioned my male first name, she responded with both my first name and my surname, and confirmed that yes, they were talking about me.

So it seems that, while many people don't say anything directly to me about them, they certainly notice, then gossip about me later. I'm comfortable with that. If there is negativity, I'm not aware of it so it doesn't count. :-)


  1. How could they not notice :-D They are the BEST red nails I've ever seen!

  2. They're fabulous nails Alice - I can never get my nails to grow half as long!

  3. \with nails like that I would be worried about anyone who didn't notice, a few times I have had comments about my nail polish, always positive.

  4. Your nails are the best length and color and they should get noticed!