06 February 2015

A shadowy match

I must be getting a bit slow in my old age. It took me a few days after getting my hair dyed to realise that I didn't have an eyeshadow that was a close enough match my new hair colour to do my brows and to fill in my hairline.

The first chance that I had to get out to look for a suitable eye shadow was Wednesday, a full week later.

Having found that the shop in Charlestown Square where I bought my last bottle of China Red nail polish no longer stocked that shade, I also needed to go to a different shop that I knew had previously had it. There was one in the Kotara Homemaker Centre (a "bulky goods" and "factory outlet" area), which is quite close to Westfield Kotara). The logical answer, then, was to see if I could get the nail polish, then try some of the stores in westfield Kotara for the eye shadow. If I struck out there, I could continue up to Charlestown Square to try more stores there.

First stop, nail polish. I found a stand with the right brand of polish, spun it around and found the colour that I was after. The top of the stand proclaimed that the price was now $3.50 per bottle, up from the previous $2.50. I figured that I may as well grab two since the place isn't that convenient for me to get to.

While I was there, I decided that I may as well have a look at eye shadows in case they had something suitable. One of the young women there asked if she could help me, so I explained what I was after. She looked and discovered quite quickly that they had nothing suitable.

When she went to the register to put the nail polishes through, it turned out that they still scanned at $2.50 per bottle. :-)

I then drove to Wesfield, and immediately headed to David Jones, who have the largest range of cosmetic brands in the centre. I walked around a little looking at colours and spotted a Dior powder that looked promising. Before I had a chance to test the sample, one of the sale assistants asked what I was looking for. Once I explained, she led me all over the cosmetics section, finding only one MAC colour, Brick Red, that was vaguely close but too red.

The sales assistant suggested that I look at the brand Chi Chi at Target, because they often have bright colours. So I walked to Target (at the other end of the centre), and looked at Chi Chi. None of the colours were suitable, but in the next aisle I found a BYS tester that looked very promising. HS75 LOL. I swiped some onto my thumb, then had to find a mirror sveral aisles away so that I could compare the colour on my thumb to my hair. It looked close enough to take the gamble on its $6.95 price tag.

Tonight, I tried doing a quick application on my brows then comparing it to my hair colour. Without foundation, it's still not a thorough test of the colour. It showed up the fact that it's not all that strongly pigmented but it confirms that it should be a close enough shade to do the job.

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