12 January 2016

More China Red

My favourite nail polish, TBN China Red, is now a discontinued line. :-(

Because of my relatively large nails, I go through a fair quantity of polish every time. I've been buying a bottle or two from time to time, but when I went looking for it at the usual places, they still had the brand but not the colour.

I remembered seeing it at a chemist in Wallsend (across the road from the op shop where my sister-in-law's mother used to work), but I rarely go to Wallsend because it's a bit inconvenient to get to, and parking is almost always difficult. I made an effort to go there yesterday, and the drive was as bad as expected, but I fluked a parking spot right outside that op shop. Since I was in the area, I had a brief look around four op shops along that side of the street before heading across the road to the chemist.

They had a stand with the same brand of nail polish but not the same colour, so I asked the lady at the register, and she asked another woman to check in a cupboard, where they had some old colours of the same brand. She found one of the right colour, and I said that if they had any more, I'd take them too.

She continued looking through and found one that was half full and dried up. I assume that it must have been a tester that had ended up amongst the others. Because it looked like it was no good, the woman at the register decided not to charge me full price for them.

In total, they had seven including the dried up, half empty one. Imagine my surprise when they charged me just $3 for the lot!

When I got home, I checked them closely, and I'm confident that only the half empty one has been opened. The other six appear to be in good condition, full and the liquid moves around in the bottles how it should.

So, it appears that I have at least a couple of years' supply. :-)

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  1. You really had luck there! Let us know when you have to break open a new bottle from your precious hoard, we will count down with you!