12 June 2017


Back in January, I mentioned that I was making an effort to lose weight, without much success. A few months on, things have gone from bad to worse. I regained all the weight that I had managed to lose, and then some. I'm now 101.5kg, heavier than I have ever been before.

I don't want to weigh this much, but I've reached the point where I really want to dress and go out even if I know that I don't look as good as I would like. That means I have to be able to dress for my current weight. I recently tried a few different combinations of body shapers and padding, and came to the conclusion that I need to use the large foam breast forms that I bought when I was experimenting with pregnant costuming a few years ago, to balance how big I am elsewhere. With them, I measure 122-92-127cm (48-38-50"), which makes me about a 4XL or Australian size 22.

That rules out every piece of "pinup" style clothing, including two dresses that I bought when I was around 94kg, but never completed a blog post about.

Oddly, I found that one of the pairs of stretch jeans in my wardrobe fits my current size quite well, but they're boot cut and a little short to for my height. Looking back through old photos, I've realised that I should have two pairs of boots that might be suitable, but I have to find them. I think that I stored them in the attic. With the boots being fitted on the calves and me being bigger now, I don't even know if either pair will fit.

Combining a loose fitting top over a stretch v-neck t-shirt that covers my bra, I assembled a fairly nondescript outfit that I can wear. I'm yet to try to do hair and makeup to suit it, which will obviously not be the pinup style that I've done for the last few years. I'm way out of practice, and I'm yet to go through my makeup and make a shopping list of what I need to replace, so I don't expect to get out all that soon. :-(

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