09 March 2018

Online competition redux

Back in April 2016, I mentioned an online competition where I won a voucher, which I used to buy a skirt and dress, both in size XL.

According to their size scale, XL should have been an Australian 12 (38-30.5-40) to 14 (32-32.5-42), and at the time I was basically a size 14 to 16 (34-34.5-44), so I knew that I was too big for them, but thought that they might have enough stretch, and that I might lose enough weight for them to fit.

I very quickly realised that neither were going to fit at the size that I was, and put both back into their plastic bags, chucked them in the bottom of my wardrobe and forgot about them.

Until today.

In an odd sequence of events, I bought a plastic headless female mannequin today. It's 34-27-37 (about a size 8), but its very close to the same height as I am. The idea is to start by padding it to my size, then use it to make new padding to bring my proportions to a female size larger than I used to be.

The first step is to find some fabric to cover the mannequin. A pair of footless tights that neither my wife or I wear wear an obvious start, and they are tight enough to fit it properly.

I was looking through my wardrobe to see if I had any small but stretchy tops that would be the right size for the mannequin, and I spotted the dress and skirt.

When I put the dress on the mannequin, I discovered that it is actually pretty close to a size 8, except that the waist is probably closer to a size 10. Even if I lost weight until I was below a safe minimum weight, I would never be that small.


  1. That is crazy.
    XL, should be 14-16.
    XXL, 18-20
    XXXL 22-24
    8-10, that's a SMALL!

  2. Good to hear from you! Every now and then something finds it's way into my wardrobe, that is either totally inappropriate or way too small, yet somehow I just can't bare to get rid of.

  3. hi was wondering if there is anyone in newcastle that helps with cross dressing

    1. There are individuals who will help, but there isn't really a support organisation as such.

  4. You have to be careful with the sizes, the same thing happened to me a couple of times. But hey, it's an occupational hazard, so to speak. Although I know it's no consolation at least that skirt and that dress you didn't buy them but they were part of the prize. Better luck next time.