06 January 2009

Total lack of recognition

While helping my father-in-law to create and set up his facebook profile last night, my profile photo came up on the screen in the people you might know section. My mother-in-law was looking over his shoulder and there wasn't the slightest hint of recognition from either of them. I wonder if they'll ever look more closely at the photo. :)

Then again, from experience, I know that I can walk into a store or restaurant in boy mode and girl mode at different times, and even if the staff know that I'm both, they won't recognise me as the same person between the two. For that matter, if I change between being a redhead and brunette girl, a lot of people don't recognise me or have to stop and think about it.

One waitress who knew me as a girl (and lets face it, going out for dinner with a group of crossdressers means that she knew I wasn't a real girl) only realised that I was the same person in boy mode because I addressed her by name as soon as I walked in the door, and ordered the exact same meal. :)

Perhaps one of the most flattering comments that I've ever had was from a woman in a Tree of Life store. I'd been there in boy mode and chatted with her when I bought myself some jewellery. A couple of weeks later, I went in in girl mode and she had her hair done differently. I commented that I almost didn't recognise her because her hair was different. We chatted briefly, but she didn't say anything to indicate that she recognised me. It was a few weeks until I saw her again, and I was again in boy mode. When I walked in, her eyes lit up and she had a huge smile on her face. She said something like
That was you, wasn't it?
I smiled, and she said
You had me completely fooled until you spoke.
and admitted that she hadn't realised who I was until after I walked out of the store.

I guess I need to work on my voice more... :)


  1. Makeup do change people's appearance! :) Hey, just wanna to say hope you don't mind when I put you on the spot at you-know-where regarding "saving the thread". Anyway, do let us know if your in-laws ever recognize you in your other mode.

  2. Hahaha that story is so funny about your in laws!

    Doesn't it make you feel good that you can change your appearance with great make up?...I know it boosts my confidence!...