12 April 2009

Why does it take so long to change from girl to boy?

Someone asked me recently on a forum why it takes me over an hour to change from "girl" back to "boy". Since I figured that other people might be interested, here is a summary. I don't always do everything in exactly this order, but this is roughly it:

* unpack and put away handbag;
* put away makeup, etc;
* remove and put away jewellery;
* remove shoes, put back in box & put box away in cupboard unless wet, in which case leave to air. If I've worn flats to drive and heels while out, put away or air both;
* remove wig, put it on foam head, brush then put away;
* remove outer clothes and socks/tights/pantihose. Sort and put out to wash or hang for next time. I use a silk or satin scarf over my head to avoid getting makeup on the top or dress if it comes off over my head;
* remove bra, breast forms, adhesive bra, body shaper, outer shaper pants (holds padding in place), padding, inner shaper pants (keeps padding off skin) and g-string;
* hang bra, shapers and padding to air or put out to wash;
* hand wash breast forms, adhesive bra and g-string. Towel dry non-adhesive sides of forms and bra, put in storage trays to air dry. Hang g-string on shower screen to drip;
* remove wig cap and about 20 one-touch clips;
* remove makeup, which extends all the way to the top edge of the bra;
* shower. This includes washing my face twice with different cleansers to make sure all visible signs of makeup are gone, washing all over thoroughly to remove perfume and washing hair;
* tone, apply eyecream and moisturiser;
* towel dry g-string and hang to air dry;
* put on "boy" clothes;
* put "boy" earrings in;
* brush and tie up hair;
* transfer almost everything from my girl purse to my boy wallet.

Yes, that's at least an hour.


  1. Wow, I'd never considered that it'd take all that effort.

    Could you do a Cross Dressing For Dummies post?

  2. How do you go in hot weather wearing all the shapers and things - is it uncomfortable?

  3. The house, car and shopping centres are air conditioned during the hot weather. :p

    Most of the time it's not really that much of a problem. When it's really hot, I just dress in cooler outer clothing. The Bella Bodies shaper isn't that heavy and breathes quite well, so it's mostly just the padding around the hips that keeps the heat in, and that's not really much worse than the heat under the breast forms or wig. In that sort of weather, I'm more concerned that my makeup will start dripping off. :p

    If I lost about 15kg, I could get rid of the Bella Bodies shaper but sadly I can't see that happening any time soon.

  4. Yes indeed it's a long process made worse by the fact that you are changing out of all those wonderful clothes and makeup. Kind of sad sometimes :(