29 April 2009

Boy to girl

As promised, here's my lists of things that have to do to change from "boy" to "girl", and why it takes at least three hours all up.

First, there's the preparatory things that can be done hours before the actual transformation begins:

*decide on an outfit including wig;
*get out wig cap, clips and pins to match wig, brush, comb and spray;
*get the wig (on foam head) out and put it on the stand, spray and brush all over;
*get the clothing out, hang or lay out on the bed as appropriate;
*get out the underwear, padding, breast forms etc and lay them out on the bed;
*get out the shoes that I'll be wearing when I leave the house, plus heels in their box if I'm going to change shoes after driving. Often, I'll put the heels in the car now or immediately before starting the actual change;
*choose and get out jewellery to match;
*get out makeup, brushes etc and put them on a cloth on the bed ready to take to the bathroom;
*check and trim or shave any body or facial hair that needs doing. This is only a touch-up, as the hair will all have been waxed or epilated if I'm organised;
*get out girl purse and handbag to match outfit. If I don't need to go anywhere in boy mode before I get changed, I'll pack the purse and mostly pack the handbag aside from makeup, keys and phone.

At this point, I can leave it all like this for hours before I start to actually change. Sometimes the above organising will be done through the day between doing other things if I'm going out at night.

Once it's time to actually change, the process is fairly consistently in this order:
*in bedroom, take off boy shoes/boots and socks, shirt and trousers to give the maximum possible time for the clothing pressure marks to go away, remove boy earrings, brush and tie hair off face, put on girl dressing gown. I have 2 separate dressing gowns, a boy one which never comes into contact with makeup or perfume and the girl one that gets perfume and makeup on it all the time;
*in bathroom, wash, tone and moisturise face, neck and decolette;
*in bedroom, apply adhesive bra, checking in mirror to get the 2 pieces symmetrically placed, put on bra, do up clip on adhesive bra then put the breast forms into place. I do the adhesive bra up after putting the normal bra on because reaching around to do the bra up has broken the clips on adhesive bras before;
*apply a quick spray of body spray to belly and back below bra before putting dressing gown back on;
*pick up the cloth with the makeup by the corners in one hand, brush set in the other hand and return to the bathroom;
*lay makeup out on cloth in order of use on one side of bathroom vanity, brushes on the other side;
*get 3 tisues, tuck 2 of them along the cleavage edges of the bra to keep the makeup off, put the other one aside for blotting lipstick;
*do makeup. There'll be a separate post about this, but it currently takes around an hour and 5 to 20 minutes;
*use toilet. Sounds odd to put in this list, but after the next 2 steps, I have to strip to go again;
*take makeup and brushes back to bedroom, finish packing handbag;
*in bedroom, apply talc, go back to bathroom and wash hands (I should take the talc to the bathroom with the makeup but I never thought of it until I was typing this!), put on g-string which holds boy bits tucked into place to give a smooth feminine shape, inner shaper pants to keep padding off skin, outer shaper pants rolled down to crotch. Insert bottom edges of padding into shaper pants, roll shaper pants up over padding, lift bottom edges to flatten padding, move padding and pants as necessary to get in correct position. Once the padding and shaper pants are all in place, put the thigh-to-underbust body shaper on over them, starting by pulling it up the legs with it also rolled down to the crotch. unroll body shaper and hook on removable straps, feed straps up under sides of bra and get them sitting under the bra straps on the top of the shoulders. Lift the legs of the shaper and get all the layers sitting flat;
*Put on tights/pantihose/socks, outer garments, shoes;
*take wig on stand, brush, wig cap, clips, pins etc to bathroom;
*pin hair up using about 10 one touch clips, then clip wig cap on using another 10 clips;
*put wig on, adjust and pin into place, quick brush, put decorative clips into wig, brush again;
*put on earrings, necklace, bracelets, wedding ring;
*apply perfume to wrists;
*check overall look in mirror. Brush wig again if needed.

On Tuesday afternoon this week, the actual change took about two and a half hours, including the makeup taking one hour and five minutes. The organising stuff took at least half an hour.

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  1. Even though I love all the girlie stuff, I think it would be far easier being a man. Sometimes I wish all I could do is take a shower, get dressed and walk out the front door!...simple as that!

    I'm sure though you'd be fun to take shopping! xxx