22 October 2010

More facebook fun

I did something the other day that resulted in my male and female photos being seen side-by-side by a male customer who is friends with my male profile on Facebook. The result was a private message, in which he commented:
lol, your an ugly bloke [male name] but you dont look half bad as a sheila,

i am guessing you realise that yours and Alice's pics are side by side i am also guessing it was meant to be that way.
The fact that he saw the photos side-by-side means that every friend of my male profile could also have seen the photos side-by-side. How many of them made the connection I don't know, but it seems that what has been a rather open secret for quite some time has become quite a bit more open. :)


  1. I love his comments and it's great that he is accepting of you.

  2. I have no idea what you look like as a bloke, but I totally agree with the rest of what he said. :)