22 October 2010

Lashing out

Back in May, I jokingly commented about considering going back to having my lashes tinted, which I used to do years ago but stopped because I felt that it was too feminine. At that stage, I was trying to increase the difference between my male and female appearances.

Frankly, I don't really care that much any more. I don't think that I would look worse as a male because of having my lashes tinted dark brown. I've had my lashes tinted both black and dark brown at different times and found that black was too harsh but dark brown was okay.

One reason in particular that I'm now seriously looking at getting it done again is that I always have trouble getting mascara onto the base of the top side of my top lashes, as can be seen in the accompanying photo. Tinting my lashes would really help with this.

There is a catch, however. I've been using the L'Oreal lash grown serum, which is basically white and is applied not only around the roots of the lashes but also on the entire length of the lashes as a conditioner. If I got my lashes tinted, I think that the lash growth serum would be a lot more obvious, and I don't want to change to using the mascara version in boy mode. That would be too obvious! About the only option, if it comes to it, would be to try to apply the lash growth serum to only the roots, then, once it has dried, take it off the rest of the lashes at the end of my morning beauty routine.

Hmm. Might have to look into beauticians close to home. I'm sick of traipsing all the way into the inner city for waxing etc, and the recent waxing I've had done has been distinctly, err, patchy. :p

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