09 May 2012

Okay, some do

Yesterday, I said that people notice but don't say anything.

It seems ironic that today's little event happened so soon after my previous comment. Almost like a cosmic raspberry being blown at me. :)

I caught a train into town today to get some waxing done, and the police were doing a drug detection exercise on the trains and stations. I was happy to see this, since I don't use drugs and I don't like having to deal with the anti-social types who use public transport while obviously affected by drugs.

On the train on the way home, the cops were wandering around watching the drug detection dog sniff its way back and forth along the train while making sure that nobody moved around within the train to avoid being checked by the dog.

I guess that the senior cop picked up on nervousness from a guy sitting near me, and asked to see tickets. I reached into my pocket and held up my ticket. The cop looked at my ticket, commented "Those nails are bright", then turned his attention to the other guy, who had no ticket, no money and no ID...

The comment surprised me. It seemed simultaneously accepting and dismissive. I wasn't a person of interest, but it was notable enough that he commented immediately before turning away to ignore me.

It wasn't until I was typing this that it occurred to me that I really wouldn't expect a cop to make a comment like that to a woman with exactly the same nails. Or maybe he would, as nails as long as mine aren't all that common these days...

As an aside, I also got a discount on the waxing and lash tinting for liking the facebook page of the place that I go to. :)

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  1. Because the comment came from a cop only proves they're humans too. lol! I would take it as polite, accepting and dismissive at the same time.