08 May 2012

People do notice, they just say nothing

I've been going to a local Subway restaurant in boy mode once or twice a week for several months. There are only a few staff there, so I recognise them when I go there, and some of them recognise me.

Tonight, I arrived to find one other customer at the counter. I immediately recognised Deniese (it is an unusual spelling, but I'm fairly sure that I've got it right) from the side even though she was facing away from me. She used to volunteer at the Lifeline op shop, which is directly across the road from Subway!

It took me a few seconds to remember her name, so once I'd placed my order, I addressed her by name. She turned around, recognised me and said hello. After some very brief conversation, Deniese returned her attention to ordering the salad and condiments for her sub. When she had finished and paid, she turned back to me and commented about my nails, saying that she assumed from the fact that I had them painted that I must have been out over the weekend. I told her that I have them painted like this all of the time and have done since early last year, which surprised her.

I commented to both Deniese and the young woman who was serving me about the fact that I love watching people's reactions, including how some people glance at my nails then conscientiously avoid looking at them again.

After Deniese left, the young woman serving me commented that she always likes it when I come in as she gets to see the different colours that I have on my nails, and asked how I cope with nails this long.

I told her that I am so accustomed to them that I don't even think about it. I considered showing her a photo on my internet tablet, like I did at the Building Society back in February, but I knew that it wasn't turned on and it would have taken too long to turn on, load a photo, etc, and she obviously had work to do so I left it at that for now. :)

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  1. I find the same can be said for most people. The people in my apartment, as one example, see me in obviously feminine fitted short shorts and shaved legs whenever I do the laundry. LOL!