16 June 2012

More Subway stuff

I went to Subway tonight and was surprised to be served by the woman who had commented about my nails several weeks ago. I was surprised not only because I hadn't seen her there in about 5 weeks, but also because she usually used to be there on week nights.

It was a quiet night there, and in the whole time I was in the shop, I was the only customer. When I arrived, the woman serving me commented that she hadn't seen me for a while, and I responded that I've been there a couple of times a week but she hadn't been there. Apparently she hasn't been working there as often as she had been before.

We chatted as she prepared my order, and she was clearly in a good mood, laughing and smiling as she worked. Just before I left, I commented that I'd been there on a Sunday night a few weeks ago in a dress and the woman who served me didn't seem to realise that it was the same person.

She smiled and said goodbye as I picked up my order and left, as if what I had said was completely and utterly normal. I guess with my long painted nails, the long hair, pierced ears, etc, it wasn't a surprise to her. :)

1 comment:

  1. That exact same thing has happened to me in San Francisco, but it involved a man and grew into something much more!

    Perhaps she thinks of you as androgynous? In that case, your feminine attributes are not so out of the ordinary and your wearing a dress would seem natural.

    In my situation I proudly displayed those exact same things you do.

    The fact she made no comment about what you said might only demonstrate the fact she was being polite. A feminine trait not normally found within many men!

    I wish you nothing but the best in all you do but I'm also just sayin'