10 June 2012

Nothing said

Three weeks ago I mentioned going to my local Subway en femme. I've been there several times since then, but it appears that they've rearranged their staff considerably in the past few weeks and I was starting to think that the two women who had been there that night were no longer working there.

I was surprised to find the woman who prepared my food that night was working there again tonight. While she didn't serve me tonight, I remarked about their recent staff changes and she smiled in acknowledgement of recognising me, which I would have expected based on my previous visits there as a male. I couldn't tell whether she realised that I was the same person as had been there en femme 3 weeks ago or not.

Sadly, the recent staff changes seem to mean that the other woman who commented about my nails a few weeks ago doesn't appear to be working there any more. Then again, I hadn't seen the woman who was there tonight in 3 weeks, so there's always a chance that the other one will show up again. :)

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  1. Alice, your blog used to be just fine but it's been changed. I do not like having to scroll over in order to read anything. Just so you know, I'll be dropping your blog from my reading list because of the way your blog views on my pc, NOT because you have nothing of interest to write.

    Your commentary of a normal man who has children and is married while he enjoys cross dressing and is supported by his wife is always interesting. Best of luck in all you do!