02 May 2013

Fluke fail

Well, the theory was great. I thought that the bottle of red nail polish that I bought the other day was the same colour as the one that I've been wearing for the past 8 weeks or so...

Even with the two bottles side by side, they looked the same. On the nails was a different story, though. The one I bought was distinctly pink. Too pink that a second coat would bring it back to the orangey shade that I was after.

Looking at the labels revealed that the one that I like is called "China Red", while the other one is labelled "Red door red".

So my nails were again done from the nearly empty bottle at the salon, and I don't have a new bottle the same. At least I didn't waste too much money on it. :)

It's now got me wondering if I should donate the colours that I won't ever wear to the salon so that at least someone can get some use out of them...

1 comment:

  1. I'm not so sure about donating the other color to my salon despite knowing I'll never wear it. If they take it, fine. If not, I would simply toss it in the trash.

    I prefer "Black Cherry" and I buy 'Press-on Nails' in that color and they're fantastic!

    Your nails look wonderful BTW, Alice!