29 April 2013


Okay. Now I'm confused.

I mentioned yesterday that I'd contacted someone who had apparently unfriended me on Facebook some time ago. On the basis that he appeared to have implied that he hadn't unfriended me, I sent him another friend request.

It appears that he has since deleted the friend request.

Either that, or Facebook is so screwed up that it has deleted the request for him.

Which puts me back to square one. I still don't know whether there really is a glitch in Facebook that unfriends people, or whether it's just a convenient excuse...

Or maybe its just me. :-/


  1. Personally I think the world would be a better place without Facebook, I do my best not to participate at all, but have to be part of it to keep up with a couple of organisations I am part of, so I warn all my "friends" that I shall probably not be joining in

  2. It's NOT you, Alice!

    Speaking for myself, as a born-male and a lifelong mtf, I tend to think blaming anything on anything (or anyone for that matter!) is merely a waste of my time. I see that blame as a totally counter-productive activity interfering with me being me.

    I simply feel some folks are just confused about us trannies and I highly recommend you leave them alone, which is easier said than done. However, they are likely to never understand us but it's a big pond out there and they're small fish! You've been blessed to find like-minded people.

    What makes you unique, regardless if you're a boy or girl, is how you behave, it's simply you! Be your true self.