04 April 2013

Kurri Kurri - Preparations - on the day

Sunday started later than planned. As usual, I got to bed later than intended and consequently got up later than planned.

I was committed to going. I was going to get there no matter what.

Which was fortunate given the number of things that went wrong. If I hadn't been so committed to going, there were several things that went wrong through my preparations that would have had me give up in disgust.

I was standing in the bathroom wearing little more than a lightweight dressing gown, dripping with perspiration while trying to do my hair. I struggled to get the rolls rolled and pinned right. I think that I had at least 3 goes at each roll, including re-doing the centre one after doing the third one. I also couldn't get the back to take a curl, and in desperation saturated it with setting lotion, twisted it in a spiral and clipped it up out of the way in a loop on the back of my head using a sectioning clip. I also pulled my fringe up out of the way using a sectioning clip while I did my makeup, then used my straightener to fix it afterwards. The result was frizzy, particularly the rolls, but I was beyond caring! When I unclipped the back, it was set in a tight spiral that I really should have brushed out a bit, but I was so worried that it would lose all of its curl that I decided to leave it as it was.

Makeup want fairly smoothly aside from the considerable time that it took to get the eyeliner right.

The "one size fits most" pantihose that I mentioned getting turned out to be "one size doesn't fit someone my size". I was clearly too tall for them and had to work them up my legs enough to get the crotch seam and waistband into place, and the faux seams which were supposed to start at the heel ended up starting several centimetres (an inch and a half to 2 inches) above the back of my shoes. Aside from that, the legs looked okay, but the top tore on one side just below the waistband and the material pulled along the crotch seam, making a row of holes.

I can usually make pantihose last for dozens of wearings, so this disintegration was somewhat upsetting for me. Realising that the parts that would be seen were still okay, I decided not to pull them off and throw them in the bin. They've now been washed and I still haven't decided whether to chuck them or not ~ I know I should but I probably won't until I have some that fit properly.

I ended up using a crotchet handbag that I've had for many years. It is the closest to 1950s style of any bag that I have, but by the time I put my purse, keys, phone and high heels in it, I needed a separate bag for my brush, makeup, etc to leave in the car.

The red bangle worked well with the dress, as did a pair of earrings that my wife gave me for Christmas.

I wore a pair of flats that didn't really go all that well with the outfit, and carried my high heels so that I could put them on and wear them for part of the time while I was there. I'd initially thought that the dress would require a choice between three pairs of Tony Biancos ~ orange suede, sand suede and nude patent, but in the end it turned out that the orangey red Siren heels were the best colour for the dress.


  1. Well done on the hair...Im so hopeless at doing my long hair, so it usually ends up in a pony or a bun!
    And dont you hate it when you tear new pantihose...thats when a dab of nailpolish can do wonders to make sure the hole doesnt get any bigger!

  2. I don't do my hair but I do wear pantyhose exclusively and I use plenty of clear nail polish! Pantyhose help me look my best.