03 April 2013

Kurri Kurri - Preparations - Saturday

Having ended up with 2 separate outfits (the skirt that I got on Saturday and the dress that I got on Wednesday), I decided sometime around Friday night that I'd do a trial run of hair and makeup on Saturday, and if it all worked well I'd go to Kurri in the skirt and top outfit Saturday and save the dress for Sunday. If the trial run didn't work, at least I'd be in a better position to get things to work on Sunday.

With that plan in mind, I started trying to do my hair in hot rollers. I had made an attempt on Friday night and it just didn't work. I had a couple of attempts at it on Saturday and became increasingly frustrated because it just didn't work. I didn't even get as far as attempting makeup.

My hair was heavy with setting lotion and hairspray by the time I decided to attempt the 1940s three roll style that I had worn home from the Lindy Charm School last year. I struggled because I hadn't practised and my hair is so long that starting the curls basically has me reaching straight up at the limit of my arm length.

Saturday's attempt wasn't great but it convinced me that at least I could do that style. I also figured that the majority of people would either not know or not care that I was mixing a 1940s hairstyle with a 1950s outfit, 1900s style parasol and 2010s high heels. :)

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