02 April 2013

Kurri Kurri - Preparations - Wednesday

On the Wednesday before Kurri Kurri, I had my regular nail appointment, and as planned, got my nails done the same slightly orangey red colour as I had them done for the Lindy Charm School last year. Note that the photo here was taken on Friday, 9 days after they were done. I'm fairly impressed with how long this polish lasts!

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons mostly relating to working far too late the night before, I didn't get to the nail appointment in girl mode. That meant that I also didn't go to try on the cream and green dress that I had seen on the previous Sunday.

What did happen, however, was that on the Tuesday, Miskonduct posted a photo of a new dress that had just arrived. I loved the look of it, and immediately realised that the dominant orangey red and cream colours of the dress would work well with my colouring and with the lace parasol. While some of my jewellery such as the earrings and bracelet that my wife had made would be the wrong shade of red for it, some of my other jewellery including the bangle that I bought on Sunday would work with it.

And so it came to pass that, after my nail appointment, I again drove to Miskonduct. I tried the dress and loved it. Even with only the foam travel forms, I could tell that it would work for me, so I got it. :)

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