05 November 2014

Breaking the drought

Prior to today, my last outing en femme was in April. I'm happy to say that I managed to go out today, breaking what I think might be the longest outing drought I've had since about 2001.

Being so out of practice, I was surprised that I managed to get my hair done okay with enough time to do my makeup. I wasn't surprised, though, that the makeup took about 75 minutes, and I still wasn't entirely happy with many details.

I arrived at the salon with about 5 minutes to spare, but they were running behind time, so I was able to go to the Building Society before my appointment.

After being greeted and complimented by two staff members there, I returned to the salon, where I was complimented by the client before me, both staff members and a nail products sales rep who arrived just before the end of my appointment.

After my nail appointment, I drove to my optometrist, as planned. There were two female staff members at the front counter, and when they went to process my health insurance card to find out how much the fund would pay, they had so much trouble with their computer that they ended up having to get the optometrist (who is also female) out of a consultation to try to fix the problem.

I was a little surprised that all three of them treated me exactly as they would if I was in boy mode. After previous conversations that I've had there, I expected some sort of response.

With a little time up my sleeve, I drove to Miskonduct Klothing, had a browse and chatted with Steph, who I've known for many years.


  1. Well done Alice, you look so good in that outfit.
    Hope you get the chance to get out more often this summer.
    With the responses you received, it shows how natural you are in girl mode.
    All the best

  2. Good to see that you are out and about again.Lovely presentation. I often look at your blog for an up-date.


  3. I would thick twice about using an optometrist with three members of staff with faulty uncorrected vision.

    1. I think that that's a bit harsh. They clearly all recognised me and knew who I was, so their eyesight isn't that bad. :-)

      Come to think of it, in the whole time I was there they didn't address me by name, as they would usually do.

  4. So glad you finally managed to get out. I do hope it was fun and that you get a few more opportunities before too long

  5. It does you good to get out & just get things done. You look amazing!
    Rock it girl ;D