20 November 2014

Can't get much more out on Facebook...

If I thought that I was very out on Facebook before, I've now taken a quantum leap further out.

On Tuesday, I changed the profile photo of my boy profile on Facebook. It's now the photo on the right, but without the watermark linking to my blog. That means that anybody on Facebook can see this as my profile photo. Whether people will make assumptions such as it being my sister or my wife is entirely up to them. :-)

At this stage, I'm not going to add my male name here because it's a relatively rare name and that would cause google to link my male name to this blog, which I'd prefer not to do at this stage. If people know how, it's trivially easy to make the connection.

So far, there have been a lot of supportive and a lot of joking comments, but none have even been passive-aggressive let alone negative or judgemental. :-)


  1. Hey! Alice that was a big leap, or was it?
    Glad to see that you are, from the response till know, not in for that a bumpy ride.
    Lets "face" it, you look sooo good in that picture, it's a pity to have kept it under wraps..
    All the best for future outings!

  2. Absolutely way to go Alice, you really put a lump in my throat for being so willing to put yourself out. Even if its because there are internal forces compelling you, you listened to them and did it. And its a great photo too. Fingers crossed that you continue to be supported. Cheering for you :o)

    Rhi x