09 April 2011

Getting back on track

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been a bit out of sorts recently. I had no intention of stopping blogging for over a month, but that's what has happened. For those who are interested and enjoy following my inane ramblings, I apologise.

The migraines have continued, and they create a form of writers block, which combined with the amount of paperwork that I'm expected to do for work, has left me with a massive backlog of work to be done. Much as I'd like to say that blogging is more important than work, the truth is the other way around. People rely upon me to provide a service which is critical for many of them, and there are a very limited number of other people available to do it in the local area, or indeed in the state. I also have to make a living and to support my family.

Anyway, while there is at least a weeks worth of paperwork backlog sitting on my desk, I've decided to ignore it for a while and try to get back into blogging.

In my last post, I mentioned that I intended to go out to cafe nights both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and that I hoped to go to my nail appointment on the Wednesday en femme. The good news is that all of the above happened. :)

On both the Tuesday and Wednesday, I went with autumn colours, so the gold nail polish from the Tuesday night wasn't out of place with the outfit I wore to my nail appointment, but I took a completely different colour, an orangey red, along to get on my nails once the infills were done.

I had previously suggested that I might turn up for the nail appointment en femme. When I arrived, I sat down in the waiting area until the woman doing my nails was free. When she came into the room, she looked at me, realised who I was and broke out in a huge smile and emphatically complimented me on my makeup and presentation.

Sadly, having to work on the Thursday meant having to return to a bland nail colour Wednesday night, including staying up late waiting for it to dry. The bland beige that I'm wearing regularly now is a little more obvious than the ones I've used before...

Incidently, these 3 photos are all on the same backdrop using a flash. I have no idea why one turned out so completely different to the others!

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