14 April 2011

Fizzled Wednesday

I mentioned on Tuesday that I had a nail appointment and had to go and see a client on Wednesday. In the end it was a fairly uneventful and I supposed a little disappointing outcome. I got to bed very late after the cafe outing on Tuesday night and woke up with a bad headache. I consequently got up so late that I barely had time to do all the usual boy-mode morning things while answering phone calls, plus checking email etc before heading off to my nail appointment.

As it turned out, in spite of being school holidays, the daughter of the woman who does my nails wasn't there, so I didn't feel that I was letting her down by not going en femme.

I also wimped out on nail colour, going with my current preferred drab beige colour after having my infills done. I ducked home for lunch, then out to the client. Nothing more was said about last week's nail colour, but my re-iterating that Wednesdays are not really convenient resulted in them suggesting that they'll try for Tuesdays from now on.

That probably means that once I get past the existing bookings on Tuesdays, I'll start having to write off Tuesday early afternoons to go out to this client, which might mean doing my nails at lunch time for the Tuesday cafe nights and wearing that colour to this client to give it time to harden before I get ready to go out. :)

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