21 April 2011

Seeing the optometrist

I had a slightly funny visit to the optometrist today.

One of the machines that I had to rest my chin on had little tear-off paper pieces on the chin rest, while another had space for them but had none. I queried whether it should have had them, and she assured me that it didn't really matter as she cleans it with alcohol occasionally instead. I remarked, sort-of jokingly, that it was okay as I wasn't wearing makeup today anyway, and she responded that that was good as I wouldn't leave marks on the machine.

I wear contact lenses, and have done so for several years. As part of the consultation, I went in wearing contacts so that the optometrist could check my eyes with them in, take them out before another part of the eye test and then put them back in at the end of the consultation.

When I was putting the lenses in at the end of the consultation, she asked me if I have trouble getting the lenses in and out with such long nails. I said no, I just put the lens onto the tip of a finger to put it in and the nails make no difference.

That was it. A bit of an anti-climax. I would assume that she knows, but neither of us felt the need to say it outright. I have to get a pair of different lenses to trial in a few weeks, and then go back for another consultation when I've worn them for a couple of weeks.

I have no idea whether either of us will say any more on the subject. I'm also contemplating dropping in en femme to collect the trial lenses in a couple of weeks time...

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